The Symptoms Of Bigorexia (Muscle Dysmorphia)

Bodybuilder PhotoBigorexia is a condition that many men suffer from because it is basically where they become obsessed with their appearance, and always feel that they should be bigger and more muscular. In short, they are never really satisfied with how they look, no matter how hard they train.

This is not necessarily a widespread problem, but a recent report from BBC Newsbeat found that as many as 10% of male gym members suffer from this muscle dysmorphia condition, which is quite a high number.

So if you suspect that you might be suffering from Bigorexia yourself, here are some of the main symptoms of this particular condition:

Frequent Mirror Checking

Lots of men like to check themselves out in the mirror when they are working out, but if someone is constantly looking in mirrors all day long, even when they are away from the gym, this is a classic sign of muscle dysmorphia.


Another tell-tale sign of Bigorexia is when a person is clearly overtraining in the gym. There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym several times a week, but if someone is really pushing themselves to the limit day in day out and are in the gym every single day, they may well be suffering from this condition.

Gym Obsession

Following on from the last point, if a person becomes angry and frustrated when they are forced to skip a gym session and rarely take any rest days for this very reason, this is another possible symptom of Bigorexia.

Obsession With Diet

It is common for people to monitor their food intake to ensure that they are consuming plenty of high protein meals and snacks, but if they are becoming totally obsessed with their diet and won’t even have the occasional burger or an occasional cheat meal at a restaurant, for instance, it may indicate that they have a problem.

Overuse Of Protein Supplements

It is generally recommended that you consume around 0.8 – 1.0g of protein for every pound of bodyweight if you want to build muscle mass, but many Bigorexia sufferers will consume far more than this every day, and may be putting their health at risk in a quest to bulk up as much as they possibly can.

Steroid Abuse

In a quest to achieve the perfect body, many people feel that the only answer is to take anabolic steroids. This is particularly the case with Bigorexia sufferers because they may well feel that no matter how hard they train, they will never be able to achieve their dream body without using steroids.

Irritability And Depression

Regular workout sessions in the gym generally make you feel good about yourself and give you more confidence in your everyday life, so if someone is constantly feeling angry and depressed, it may well be because they are unhappy with how they look.

Lack Of Social And Family Life

The one final symptom of muscle dysmorphia is a lack of a social or family life away from the gym. If someone is putting their training before their friends and family, this is a pretty good indication that they may be suffering from some form of Bigorexa.

If you recognise any of these symptoms, please consult a doctor because there is help and treatment available if you need it.

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