Svend Press Chest Exercise

There are lots of different exercises you can do in order to build a large, muscular chest, such as the bench press, for example, which is obviously one of the best and most effective chest exercises you can do.

However one exercise that you might not have heard of before is the Svend Press, which is a chest exercise that was originally devised by the legendary Norwegian strongman Svend Karlsen, who used to be a regular at the World’s Strongest Man competition, and actually won the title back in 2001.

The major benefit of this Svend Press exercise is that it will really help develop your inner pecs, which are very often neglected, whilst also working your forearms, shoulders and triceps as well. Plus of course it will really help strengthen your grip.

It is very easy to perform because you just grab a couple of plates, hold them firmly between your left and right hands (with your fingers pointed forward) so that you are holding them right in front of your chest, and then squeeze them together and push your arms outwards to complete a rep before returning to the starting position.

Here is a video demonstration of the Svend Press to give you a good idea of how it should be performed:

This is one of those exercises that looks a lot easier than it actually is, but if you really concentrate on maintaining your form and keeping a strong grip at all times, then you should really feel the benefits of this very effective inner chest exercise from Svend Karlsen.

It’s best to start off with some fairly light plates to begin with, before moving on to slightly heavier plates once you are ready, and remember to really squeeze together in order to get the maximum benefit.

Is Anavar Legal?

I recently received an email from someone who simply wanted to know, is anavar legal in the US?

It’s a good question because there is often a lot of confusion surrounding this issue, and if you search online, for example, you will often get conflicting answers.

The simple answer is that anavar (often referred to as var or oxandrolone) is a steroid and therefore it is NOT legal to use in the US, despite the fact that it is quite a mild steroid.

However if you have seen a doctor and have been prescribed anavar to treat a specific medical condition, such as a muscle disease, for instance, then yes you can of course buy anavar and use it for its intended purpose.

You will find that this is also the case in countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where anavar is regarded as a controlled substance.

So where does this leave you if you were looking to use this particular steroid to burn some body fat and increase muscle tone and definition in order to hone your physique?

Well you can either buy it illegally, which I don’t recommend at all, or you can look for a legal steroid that will offer the same kind of benefits without any of the side effects associated with this steroid.

Anvarol (Anavar Alternative) SupplementsAn example of such a product is Anvarol, which is a legal steroid from Crazy Bulk that is made from safe, natural ingredients, and appears to be just as effective.

I have already reviewed this particular product on this site (here is a detailed review), but it basically helps to stimulate phosphocreatine synthesis within muscle tissue and regenerate adenosine triphosphate in order to boost energy levels and help your muscles work longer and harder so that you can achieve increased muscle gains.

It also acts as a powerful cutting agent as well because it helps burn viscural and subcutaneous fat, which is why it is popular with both men and women who are trying to lose some weight and lower their overall body fat percentage.

So in simple terms, Anvarol mimics anavar because this too helps you burn fat and lose weight, whilst maintaining muscle mass, and indeed boosting muscle mass to some extent at the same time. However the key difference is that it does so using safe, natural ingredients and with no side effects, which makes this product safe and legal to use wherever you happen to live.

If you would like to find out more about this safe alternative to anavar, I suggest you click on the link above and read our full review of this product, or visit the product page at

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